Entered Life:  August 17, 1931  
Entered Religious Life:  September 8, 1949
Entered Eternal Life:  December 12, 2015

“God is my strength and my wisdom.”

“God is my strength and my wisdom.” Those words were chosen by Therese to be engraved on her final profession ring many years ago. She lived those words throughout her life in both the good times and in the times that were really tough on her.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of sight as Therese did knows the limitations and the challenges that come your way because of it. Therese, however did not see these things as obstacles or stumbling blocks. She viewed them as opportunities to develop her resourcefulness. And that she did. When she couldn’t drive anymore, she discovered the wonders of public transportation.

When she couldn’t read, she discovered the usefulness of audio books. When she needed a ride to Church, to activities at the Well, to visit her family or her dear friend in Milwaukee, she knew which family members and friends to call who would willingly walk with her, drive her or fly her there. Nothing stopped Therese.

My lingering vision of Therese is of a tall, very determined woman, leaning forward into the future to get where she wanted to go and to do what she knew needed to be done. I see Therese walking the halls here at Loretto to strengthen her walking ability and her sense of balance. She must have heard the commercial on TV for Celebrex and took it very seriously. “A body in motion stays in motion!” and she did.

Therese loved stimulating conversations, growing in wisdom and spiritual understanding in all that she encountered. She loved to “multiply good works of every sort and grow in the knowledge of God.” Therese loved ministering to others.

When we had a discussion about her moving to Bethlehem Woods, she told me that she wanted to learn and experience everything she could at the Well and to continue her ministry of caring for senior citizens, especially widows and widowers. Her dream was to be a pastoral presence to those at Bethlehem Woods.

Mary Ward, our founder, prayed “All I have, I will give to you. All I need, I will find in you.” Therese lived her life as a strong woman religious, doing all kinds of ministry, and finding joy in them, in her God, her family and her IBVM Sisters.

You have gone in peace, Therese, and we are happy for you. Our memories of you will be with us forever.

—Kay Foley, IBVM