“As IBVMs who are contemplatives in action, we commit ourselves to be in ‘communion’ with each other and all God’s creation as instruments of justice, peace and reconciliation: specifically, regarding immigration, human trafficking and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The rights of women and children are central to our specific concerns.”
– U.S. Region JPIC Circle Focus Statement

Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

JPIC is an international movement springing forth from Vatican 2.  In today’s world, Pope Francis calls us to actively share the love and mercy of Jesus with all of God’s Creation.  JPIC strives to increase awareness of the injustices in our world, to stand with any part of God’s Creation that suffers abuse, and to suggest ways of acting that will address unjust situations and that will lead to peaceful resolutions.   JPIC fosters peace and binds all of Creation into an evolving wholeness leading to integrity.

Initiating Transformative Work of Justice & Peace

Our JPIC Core, composed of seven members, challenges, educates and engages the wider JPIC Circle which includes all IBVM Sisters, all Companions and all friends of Mary Ward.  Our goal, initiating transformative works of peace and justice, seeks to stand with victimized women and children in addressing the injustices facing them today. We look forward to creating works of care to rejuvenate our disrespected earth.