Entered Life:  July 25, 1932  
Entered Religious Life:  September 14, 1950
Entered Eternal Life:  June 27, 2015

“Through God, with God and in God” 

As we listened to words of remembrance given by Mary’s family, friends and her IBVM Sisters, there was laughter (Mary herself caused laughter— she had an amazing sense of humor), there were tears of sadness (we will miss her), joy (Mary has won the race and has received the prize) and remem-brance (Mary brought tears to our eyes, she also wiped away our tears and shared hers with us). 

Mary taught us much during her lifetime and at her funeral liturgy she was at it again! She presented us with readings that taught us something about our God and also about our Mary. One thing was very clear, Mary did not fear death. She was really looking forward to what was to come. Her only regret was that she could not take her family and friends with her. She had to go it alone. Now she has a new ministry – being there for the new arrivals and checking the place out for those who would come after her. Setting up card games would definitely be a specialty that Mary could handle very well. 

The readings Mary chose for her funeral liturgy were filled with hope, eagerness for the new, earthly and heavenly blessings and challenges galore. Her Gospel reading spoke of how we are to live as Christians. For Mary’s second reading, she chose an Irish Blessing. Pope Francis would have been very happy with Mary’s choice of this blessing. It spoke of the blessing of the earth, the good, rich earth, and the blessing of light, of sunlight and rain. The last two lines are especially timely: “May earth rest easy over you when at the last you lie under it. May earth rest so lightly over you that your spirit may be out from under it quickly, and up, and off, and on its way to God.” I believe that Mary did not wait for the earth to rest lightly upon her, but her spirit rose right up when she heard the words: “Come, Mary, be with me in peace forever.” 

—Funeral liturgy homily by Kay Foley, IBVM