Evelyn McCloskey, IBVM
"Lord, I am not worthy."
Chicago, IL
I was in elementary schools for 50 years . I began in Phoenix, AZ and continued in Illinois and California. I very much enjoyed my time in Carmichael,Ca as teacher and principal. When I retired from teaching I helped care for my mother and was able to volunteer at a hospital as a patient "Rep". When I was young I was going to be a nurse. This was close. I was then "encouraged" to be the Community Minister at Loretto,Wheaton. I am now at Mercy Circle in Chicago and able to just "be".
I enjoy talking to others and I also enjoy my alone time. I like to keep up with the news which I get mainly from TV. I walk every day, and this seems to keep me going. I enjoy using my IPad for e-mail, games, and information