Lorna Hays, IBVM
"In weakness, strength."
Northlake, IL
C-CATODSW Social Worker
Spiritual Direction - 12 Step
With Bachelors degree in psychology (prior to ministry) and a Masters degree in Social Work (obtained while in ministry) and currently I am a Licensed Social Worker, with a specialty in Addictions, (LSW) in Illinois and a Certified Addictions Counselor (CSAADC) at the Supervisory Level, Illinois and International, my Ministry Experience is: My ministry experience for 30 years (1983 to 2013) began with an Outpatient Social Service Agency, Addictions Unit, in the South Suburban Chicagoland area, starting as a counselor doing evaluations, individual and group treatment. At this time, I was also a consultant for the domestic violence shelter connected with the Agency, working with the staff and doing individual evaluations and therapy with the clients on their domestic violence and sexual assault issues. In addition to working with the clients, I was then appointed the Supervisor for 5 of the staff members on the Addictions unit. In a short period of time, I was then appointed the Director of the Addictions unit and served in that capacity until I left in 2013 to take on the position of Director of Loretto House since the Sister, the current Director, was leaving. Loretto House was set up by a committee of IBVM sisters and consultants with occupancy on the Wheaton property. The House was established to help women who were victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and addictions issues to "journey" with them in a safe environment in their recovery process. My ministry at Loretto House ended in 2017 when the property was sold. In addition to the above, I have provided therapy and spiritual direction for women and men in a 12 Step Recovery Program. Over the last 35 years, I have also directed weekend 12 Step Recovery retreats at various retreat centers, especially the Cenacle and Jesuit retreat houses in Mid-West area. Retired, yes, BUT, I am providing therapy and spiritual direction for Women in a 12 Step Recovery program; providing the 12 Step Recovery weekend retreats and days of reflection (zoom for now). At the preset time, I am also the GSR (General Service Representative) from one of the groups in AA District 40, Northern Illinois, providing information and contact for individuals, treatment programs, schools who are seeking information about the AA program and the recovery process for the individual and families. At the preset time I am a member of the JPIC team and served on the IBVM Provincial Council from 2010 to 2017.
Enjoy nature so love to walk and enjoy the outside environment with the birds, "mother nature" and the quiet reflective time. A nice dinner with friends at home or in a restaurant is high on my list and also enjoy watching sports of all kinds, especially football and college basketball and the "March Madness"!! Love to read the Chicago Tribune daily, Time magazine, good novel and books on spiritual direction and 12 Step recovery