Dympna Doran, IBVM
"Oh Lord, I am not worthy."
Phoenix, AZ
Worked in Education for 38 years -- elementary school teaching and including ten years as principal. On retirement from education, I served seven years as Liturgist for the Cathedral of the Phoenix Diocese, and, since then, am serving as Pastoral Associate at this same Cathedral Parish of Saints Simon and Jude. Through the years, I served in local Loreto community leadership in Flagstaff, Phoenix and Prescott (Az) and one term on the council at Provincial level. I plan to retire from my present position as Pastoral Associate this June 30, 2021, and then, I hope to continue to serve my parish here on a volunteer basis.
My interests are music, poetry, Art and decorating, cooking and baking. Music: I like to play guitar and piano,and I enjoy listening to music, particularly, orchestral music. Art: In Art, I've taken courses in watercolor and would love to have more time to do that. I also enjoy decorating for special occasions. Poetry: I enjoy reading and writing poetry. Cooking: I have some favorite easy savory dishes, but mostly, baking Irish bread is what I enjoy doing.