Lorraine Crawford, IBVM
"My grace is enough for you."
Chicago, IL
Ministries I was an 8th grade teacher for about 18 years. Following this ministry, I served as Pastoral Associate at the Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet, IL for 21 years. Always wanting to serve in Hispanic ministry, in 2001 I began teaching English to Hispanic adults at Mary Ward Center in South Chicago for the next 17 years. In 2018 I retired and now live with the Mercy Circle community in Chicago.
I love to be surrounded by nature. Lake Michigan and Lake Geneva are close to my heart. I try to keep connected to friends from my past so note-writing is a value to me. Long walks, alone or with a friend, sustain me. Daily prayer is very important to me, so quiet places help the habit. Good books and quality news on MSNBC enlighten me. I am grateful for the Institute leadership, a continuing grace of wisdom women.