Mary Simpkin, IBVM
"To love God as He wishes."
Chicago, IL
I've been a teacher in various IBVM schools in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and in the Chicago area. I was principal of Loretto Academy in Chicago. I helped establish the Loretto Extension Service which enabled students to finish high school when personal situations would have prevented their graduation. When I lived at our Mother House in Wheaton, two of us taught Junior High in a Public School.
My family are campers, hunters and fisher people. It was natural for me to join them at a campground and fly fish in river beds. For many years while living at our Wheaton house, I used a canoe which I carried on a trailer behind the car and took friends canoeing in nearby lakes. All the wonder of nature, created by God, lift my heart to our Creator. The outdoors is a cathedral in my eyes.