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The JPIC Committee is the arm through which the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary focus and coordinate their work for justice. Challenged by the Direction Statement and imbued with the spirit of our foundress, Mary Ward, the committee's goal is to facilitate the embodiment the IBVM charism of Integrity, Justice and Freedom.

         Integrity challenges us to be who we say we are;

         Justice impels us to witness to and live out our IBVM values;

         Freedom invites us to be one with our God, to live relationally.

Located in various parts of the United States our sisters involve themselves in both direct action and systemic change regarding local, national and international issues.

As an international institute we network with other IBVMs around the world to work for a just world based on Gospel values.

General Congregation 2015
IBVM Corporate Stance on Human Trafficking

As members of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
an international and multicultural congregation of women religious,
we pledge to work for the eradication of all forms of human trafficking
and its causes, particularly among women and children,
wherever we live and minister.

January - National Human Trafficking Awareness Month
January 11- Human Trafficking Awareness Day

          “Human Trafficking is a crime against humanity.
          We must unite our efforts to free victims and stop this crime.” Pope Francis

Trafficking Victims are slaves who serve
the needs of many by force, fraud
and coercion. They provide cheap labor
in the workforce or a brothel while treated
as objects rather than as God’s creation.
Let us pray for them.

God of Freedom, all things are possible thru You.
Make us this day passionate people
willing to reach out to victims of human
trafficking so that they will be survivors
of your love, peace and gentleness.

God of Courage enable us to stand with victims
denied their dignity and enslaved for profit.
Create in us hearts that are open; eyes to see;
a voice for change and a loving embrace
in their healing.

God of Compassion,
We come to you needy and hopeful asking
that you assist us in eradicating this heinous crime.
Strengthen us to be todays prophets
so that others may have a tomorrow. Amen.

Jean Okroi, IBVM for
Illinois Women Religious against Human Trafficking
     If you suspect human trafficking contact
    National Human Trafficking HOTLINE: 1- 888-3737-888.


For more information contact

Frances McCarron, IBVM,
Chairperson, of JPIC




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