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IBVM Associates

The loving and mutual relationship between and among sisters and associates emanates from Mary Ward’s own vision and example of friendship:

"Let your love at all times be rooted in God,
then remain faithful to your friends
and value them highly,
even more highly than your life."

                                                  Mary Ward

Associate groups are presently active in Chicago, Phoenix, Sacramento, and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They participate in many ministries either with the Sisters or in areas where they are personally interested and can use their specific gifts and talents.
They aso meet in prayer groups,
study the spirituality of Mary Ward and St. Ignatius,
and support several kinds of friend-fund raising projects.


  • are women or men
  •  are single or married
  •  desire to share IBVM charism and mission

Associate Perspectives: Pam Smith, Menominee, Ann Gamboa, Lisa Grant and Mary Novotny  

Perspectives: Gabrielle Marry, IBVM


Maria BiererFor more information,
contact an IBVM Sister or Associate whom you know, or contact:

Maria Bierer, IBVM
Loretto Convent
P.O. Box 508
Wheaton, IL 60189