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 Serving the South Side of Chicago for over 25 Years!

Our mission at Mary Ward Center (MWC) is to provide educational opportunities for the people of South Chicago. The staff and volunteers embrace each individual student and journeys with them to reach their true potential.

  The MWC Proudly offers:

One-on-one ESL Classes
Computer Classes
Conversation Classes
Citizenship Preparation
Community Resource Guidance
Hispanic Women's Spiritualty Group 

The Center warmly welcomes new volunteers throughout the year.

Learn how you can be part of "Creating New Possibilities". 

alternate textVolunteer Spotlight:  Eva Villarin

"I decided to Join Mary Ward Center as a volunteer, to give my time through service to the community.  I do not have solutions to all of the problems in this part of the society but I can do my part by the little things that I am given to make a difference.

 The most rewarding part of my time here at Mary Ward Center is having the chance to meet and get to know these people who are not only here to learn English as a second language, but also having the chance to share their hopes and challenges in making it in this country.  It gives me great joy to see someone's progress and what one can accomplish in a short period of time learning English.  I share their sense of pride in doing something to better one's situation through education and helping them develop their potentials."

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Mary Ward Center 3215 East 91st Street, Chicago, Illinois 60617