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Thank you for being part of our IBVM Loretto Sisters’ family in support of their mission as educators, woman of compassion, vowed to live out the gospel, with freedom, integrity and justice. Over the past several weeks, with the announcement of Covid-19 at a pandemic level, we will never look at life the same way and put in perspective what is truly important. We know that you have your concerns and uncertainty and we do too. We want to you to thank you for your past support and want you to know that you have helped our Sisters receive the best possible care, whether living independently, in skilled nursing or memory care. They are doing well, presently. Those that would normally be traveling to and from ministry or work, are staying home and working remotely. As information is changing moment by moment, both locally and nationally, the way we live and carry out our usual activities is affected. Together we will do what we know best and that is reaching out to you, our neighbors and friends. Let us remember in our prayers, those whose lives could be gravely affected and give thanks for God’s compassion and grace daily. We ask God to continue to be with all of us and hold on to hope, as that is what we have in these uncertain times.

Be assured of our Sisters’ daily prayers of gratitude, strength and love for you and your families.

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