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The Anawim Arts ministry brings art, spirituality, and justice together in a new way.  The name anawim means “those on the fringes, the humble people of God.”  This collaborative ministry of art, in many forms, encourages and shares the creative process in response to the issues of the day.  Anawim Arts provides the space and environment for such creativity to flourish and be shared through an interactive website and social media.  It answers a call that challenges the IBVM to look at life through the lens of Jesus, bringing forth artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers to create material and images that evoke our world’s reality and our response to it

What Have We Done?
Hosting art shows and writers’ forums are ways Anawim Arts has been working with artists in recent years.  Now we have embraced social media and an interactive website for Anawim Arts has been established.  With the help of a dynamic board consisting of former non-profit leaders, vowed religious, and other lay members, Arlene Ashack, IBVM, the Creative Director (pictured left), is leading this ministry into the new decade, connecting with artists in many mediums, from the two dimensional to the printed word, video, music and filmmaking.  Contributing artists from all over the world share the soul and spirit that is ‘Anawim’ as it relates to the complex issues of the day.  We will have our first virtual art show, “Tilted,” in November. 

How Can You Help?
Anawim Arts is presently supported by the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We would like to expand from a volunteer- based ministry to one that is sustainable.  To do so we need $80,000.00 in funding to secure salaries for a part-time staff, plus for the development of a conference with a speaker who would highlight the essence of the ministry and integrate the three threads of art, spirituality, and justice issues.  

Join Us!
This ministry is inviting all of us, especially those on the fringes of society, to find hope and solace in the creative expression of our shared experience.  In relationship with the God of Creation, whose creativity flows through us, we can work together to bring a new perspective to the monumental justice needs of our day.  Please join us in this interactive and virtual endeavor.  

Thank you again for your generosity and friendship in the past and especially in these uncertain times.  We will keep you in our continued prayers of gratitude for all that we hope for in the future.

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