IBVM Archives

The Archives of the IBVM United States Province contain primarily official and informal documents pertaining to the life and activities of the Institute, the Province and the members.

  • Institute Activities - beginning with the life of Mary Ward (1585-1645), our foundress
  • Province Activities - 1880 to the present
  • Records - histories, documents, and ministries, deceased sisters and former members

For information, or to request or donate materials, contact our Archivist. Access to archival material is administered according to Region policies and confidential standards.

Archives Office

Kevin Korst
Phone: 630-868-2904
Fax: 630-653-4886

Betty Crotty, IBVM
Phone: 630-868-2921

Cindy Langlois, IBVM
Phone: 630-868-2903

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Below is the second part of a five part story about the life of Reverend Mother Teresa Dease, who fo...

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