Time Capsule


Recently we opened a time capsule from 1962 from when the House of Studies was built in Wheaton.  The time capsule (a sealed metal box) was rescued by Andy Wells, our Building and Grounds manager for the Wheaton property.  We saved the opening of the capsule for a special occasion, when many of us would be present.  That opportunity presented itself at the joint celebration of the installation of our new leadership team, a new leadership structure and Claire Vandborg’s retirement as provincial secretary.  Claire opened the box describing each of the nine items as she removed it from the box.  These treasures will be added to our archives and they for available for future generations.

The box and the contents are shown below:  Click on each photo for a description and larger view.

A 1962 Penney
A newspaper article from The DuPage Press (February 20, 1957) giving a brief history of the Institute, the work of the Loretto Federation, and the work currently being done at the Wheaton Convent.
A list of all the novices, temporary professed sisters, and professed sisters living at the Wheaton Convent during the 1962-1963 school year.
It was cut open instead of melting the seal so that the contents would not be harmed.
A thin metal bookmark.  Two  Mary Ward relics:  small snip from Mary Ward’s hat (the original is held at the convent in Allotting, Germany), and a bit of dirt from her gravesite in Osbaldwick, Yorkshire, England.
•	A newspaper article (source unknown) describing the upcoming groundbreaking celebration for the new House of Studies.
An invitation to the Blessing of the Cornerstone
The box is made of copper and sealed with molten metal.  It contained nine items.