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Holiday Appeal 2019

Posted on December 09, 2019 in: Development

Holiday Appeal 2019

Prayer is powerful in many ways.  Asking for prayers for ourselves, a family member or friend, and being asked for prayers by others, is something that we regularly witness in our lives.  An unexpected gift of prayer can immediately give you a warm feeling and let you know you are not alone.  It can console, bring hope and God into our midst.

Our IBVM Sisters pray for you and others every day.  One Sister has been saying healing prayers and sending a special ‘something’ to others for a very long time.  It started over 15 years ago, when she was given a book about a new kind of ministry.  That was the impetus for a ministry that Sr. Ellen Enright began while working in the U.P. of Michigan.  Since retiring and moving to Casa San Carlo in Northlake, IL Ellen has created her Prayer Shawl ministry, through which she shares her love of crocheting with others, who already know how or want to learn to crochet or knit, while praying together.

“Since moving here a few years ago, I found that women needed to get together to do something,” Ellen shared.  So, every Friday afternoon you will find her with the women (and sometimes men) who sit at a large table in the community room, with their handiwork, to pray, crochet and talk about everything that is important to them.  Ellen’s presence and skeins of yarn create a unique time of prayer and collaboration during which creativity and livelihood thrive.

The group makes individual lap throws, mittens, hand warmers, and hats for others.  These beautiful items are prayed over and then distributed to those who are in nursing homes and hospitals.  Sometimes newlyweds and newborns are recipients of these loving gifts.  At the close of a note, attached to each gift, are the words, “It is made with love and prayer and given to you, so you know that we are with you as you walk through life during these days.  May you feel how you are wrapped in the love of our God.”

Our love of God and our IBVM presence are important to the people we encounter, and Sr. Ellen’s ministry is one very special example of that. 

With the spirit of this Holiday giving season upon us, we invite you to continue your caring support of our retired and infirm Sisters, now and in the future.  May the love, hope and true joy of Christmas be yours now and throughout the New Year.  We will always keep you in our loving prayers and thank God for your gifts of friendship and generosity.  https://ibvm.us/Support-Us/Make-A-Gift/Appeal

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