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IBVM Artists Gather in Canada

Posted on June 15, 2019 in: General News

What happens when the IBVM artists, musicians and writers are gathered together for a Conversation Circle?  Simply put, dynamism thrives.  We were called together certainly to connect and possibly network, but also to address Call 2b…”Challenge our artists, musicians, and writers, to create materials and images that evoke our world’s reality and our response to it.”

With 15 sisters (plus our two facilitators) from seven countries, and that many different accents, we came to appreciate internationality in a new way.  The two weeks in the setting of Maryholme, Roche’s Point, Ontario, CA, was a remarkable combination of beauty and creativity.  We began by sharing our stories, having individual presentations of our artwork, music, and writings, and searching for a direction regarding the challenge of Call 2b.

Slipping into the creative mode, videos and proposals resulted.  Hopefully the results of them will be made available soon.  With the new focus of the Institute on “oneness”, and moving “us beyond the boundaries of provinces”, a proposal regarding the arts emerged.  More about that later.

The accompanying video will give you a taste of the spirit that emerged among us during our time together…connecting, networking, creating.

Facilitators:  Jane McDonnell, Mary Mallaney

Participants:  Wamuyu Wachira, Bernadette Turtle, Brigid Tunney, Sarah Rudolph, Amparo Martinez, Clotilde de Maroussem, Mary Teresa Kane, Eveleen Hallahan, Claire Dillon, Susan Daily, Mary Burkart, Deirdre Browne, Jen Bromham, Annie Bromham, Arlene Ashack


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