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Introducing the Companions

Posted on February 06, 2019 in: General News

“How happy a thing it is to love God and serve Him and seek Him.”  Mary Ward


How happy a thing it is that for 30 years Associates and Sisters have joined together in loving, seeking and serving! Today we are pleased to announce the official new name of the Associates:


In the spirit of our 2018 Assembly theme, we look back to our source and forward to our future.  The Affiliate program was first introduced to the General Council in Toronto in 1981 but wasn’t approved until eight years later.  The first Associates were received in Illinois in 1989 and the program then sprouted in California, Arizona and eventually Michigan.  


Although Companions now live throughout the U.S., each has a connection with the Sisters that drew them to Mary Ward.  The programs and experiences, of course, varied by region but overall incorporated spirituality, service and community.    We thank all the Sisters who have nurtured the program throughout the years.


Who are we now?  The Companions are 101 women and men, located in 10 states.   They continue to grow in number and welcomed six new Companions in the past year.    Mary Ward’s passion and courage stirred her to live and speak the truth with fearless conviction, and the Companions draw inspiration from her and are committed to a new Mission Statement.

Companions of Mary Ward Mission Statement

As Companions of Mary Ward we stand beside the Sisters in charism, 
mission, friendship and joy.

We seek to embody the virtues of freedom, justice and integrity, 

and to take the voice and vision of Mary Ward into the world.


What holds us together?  The Gospel and the belief that women will do much to bring God’s love to the world.  The virtues and ways Mary Ward held dear are needed now more than ever!   Inspirations are not enough to hold any group together, so we have put into place an infrastructure to empower the Companions to be self-ledwhile working in collaborationwith the IBVM Sisters.

The future looks very bright as the Companions look to grow in community with one another and stand beside the Sisters in charism, mission, friendship and joy.   How happy a thing it is indeed!


If you have any questions, please contact Sr. Connie Steffen or Jennifer Schmitz

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