St. Bakhita Day

IBVM-CJ.....together against human trafficking

Greetings to sisters,  associates and friends, 

The focus on St Josephine Bakhita is a global effort by both the IBVM’s and CJ sisters. We ask that our associates, friends, colleagues, teachers, parishioners, etc. join us to raise awareness of the growing human trafficking crime in our world.

St Josephine Bakhita Day is February 8th.   Below are several actions for you to do alone and/or with others during the month of February.   

  • Pray the prayer for St. Josephine Bakhita on February 8 and remember our sisters who are working in the Sudan. 
  • Use the February Calendar based on human trafficking.
  • Talk over the Prayer/Reflection of Pope Francis. You will find it to be an excellent reflection to use with your community, a small circle group, in the parish, with a faculty or even individually. The quote’s and questions are appropriate for today’s world.
  • Act:   Action is what makes a difference.   We are all responsible for this heinous crime of human trafficking by the choices we make.
  • How many slaves work for you?  Determine your slavery footprint at www.slaveryfootprint.org  The results will surpise you
  • The supply chains need to be examined.  Refrain from:
    • Nestle/Hershey products. They use children to pick their cocoa beans.
    • Apple has labor violations and abuses worker.
    • Shrimpers hire men, make them slaves on boats, some are put in chains
    • Walmart’s clothing is made in sweatshops with child labor. Shrimp sold at Walmart and Costco tied to slave labor.
    • More Suggestions.