IBVM Associates

As Associates, we stand beside the Sisters
in charism, mission, prayer, friendship and joy.
We seek to embody the virtues of freedom, justice, and integrity
and to take the voice and vision of Mary Ward into the world.

The loving and mutual relationship between and among sisters and associates emanates from Mary Ward’s own vision and example of friendship:


"Let your love at all times be rooted in God,

then remain faithful to your friends

and value them highly,

even more highly than your life."

                                                  Mary Ward


Associates are men and women who desire to share the IBVM charism and mission.  Associates are active in Chicago, Phoenix, Sacramento, and in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

They participate in many ministries either with the Sisters or in areas where they are personally interested and can use their specific gifts and talents. 
They also meet in prayer groups, 
study the spirituality of Mary Ward and St. Ignatius, 
and support various service  projects.


If you would like more information about becoming an Associate, please contact Sr. Connie Steffen.

Associates in Action
Our Associates are amazing!

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