Where We Are

We Are Global!

Ours is an apostolic community whose focus is mission.  We are a community for dispersion, inserted in the local culture, ready to go wherever we are sent.
– IBVM Constitutions Vol II 3.18

IBVM Sisters have journeyed to all corners of the earth.  Committed to going where the need is greatest, they now minister in 24 countries on five continents.  The Institute is organized into 11 Provinces with the Generalate offices, Casa Loreto, in Rome Italy.

While education is a cornerstone of their work, you will also find Loretto Sisters:

  • Ministering in the slums of eastern Africa
  • Resettling refugees in Ireland
  • Ministering to victims of human trafficking in Albania
  • Organizing health campaigns for the poor in Peru
  • Providing vocational training to young women in India
  • Providing literacy training to women in rural Morocco
  • Ministering to HIV/Aids orphans in Kenya



IBVM Around the World

Cindy Langlois, IBVM with First Year Novices in India

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Casa Loreto, Rome Italy

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