We Need You!

One hour a week can make a big difference to an adult who wants to learn English.

Your role in this ministry is so very important. You will not only be helping adult students to continue their educational growth, but you will also be building relationships.  We have students waiting for you!     The staff will provide ESL training and materials. No teaching experience or Spanish is required. It is amazing what body language and pictures can accomplish.  New volunteers are welcomed anytime of the year.

Qualities of a Great MWC Volunteer

Respectful of Students
Prepared - Patient - Positive
Faithful - Prompt
Open to Suggestions

To learn more about the volunteer experience at MWC call Marianne at 773  734 2420.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to speak Spanish?

No! The most important quality you can bring is your desire to help a person learn English.


What type of commitment are you looking for?

We ask that each MWC volunteer commit to teaching at least one student, for one hour, once a week. A volunteer  is welcome to teach more than one student but each student is taught individually in a weekly one hour session.  Classes are held from September through the first week in June.  However, new volunteers are welcome to begin anytime during the year.


Where are the classes held?

Classes are held at the Mary Ward Center located at 3215 E. 91st Street, Chicago, IL.


I’m not a teacher, can I still volunteer?

Yes! The most important gift you can bring is your desire to help an individual learn English. It is also important that you participate in basic training to teach ESL and be faithful in your lesson preparation. Previous teaching experience is not required.


What materials do I need to teach ESL?

The Mary Ward Center provides a variety of instructional materials which are designed for adult students learning English. There are books, worksheets, and teaching tips available to assist you in teaching English. Other experienced tutors are also wonderful resources that are always available to assist you.


Is there any training?

A tutor orientation will be arranged prior to your first class to help you become familiar with the staff, centers and resources.  The Mary Ward Center staff is available during all class times to offer additional assistance and support. 


Can I come visit the MWC?

Yes!  Give Marianne a call at 773 34 2420.  She would love to schedule a time to show you around


More Questions? 

We are always available to answer any other questions you may have. Call us at 773 734 2420 during regular business hours (Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm).

    Mary Ward Center     3215 E 91st Street, Chicago, Illinois  60617     773 734 2420    Contact Us