"I will labour to love all for God."        Venerable  Mary Ward

The IBVM Sisters and companions stand in solidarity with the immigrant community.   The immigrant experience is often a long and arduous journey, and we strive to offer support when and where we can.  Through both volunteerism and financial support, we aim to lighten the burden and be a bright light of hope to the immigrants.  

Statement on Border Abuse

We, the JPIC Circle of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (all IBVMs and Companions), find the conditions and treatment of children and families seeking asylum at the U.S./ Mexico border to be deplorable, heinous, and unacceptable.  We are demanding that our elected officials, the members of the U.S. Congress, provide all that is necessary to meet their needs: housing, food, clothing, physical and mental health care and safety.  It is mandatory that the necessary steps be established for them to remain in the United States while pursuing their asylum.    07/08/19

Kino Border Initiative

“It is truly a privilege to serve”   Mary Novotny

Arizona Companions Lisa Grant and Mary Novotny answered the call for volunteers shortly after the Jesuits began The Kino Border Initiative (KBI) in 2009.   Recognizing the lack of basic necessities and man power they jumped right in and began traveling down to the border every month.  They arrive in Nogales, Mexico armed with food, clothing and personal items for the multitudes of immigrants attempting to cross the border into Arizona.  Each visit they they serve 3 meals and engage with the immigrants, especially the families and children.  

Throughout the past 10 years many Companions and Sisters have joined Mary and Lisa on their monthly visits.  In addition to serving where the need is greatest they have exposed many people to the plight of the migrant.

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Organizations We Support

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