Human Trafficking

"Human Trafficking is a crime against Humanity"
Pope Francis
IBVM Stance on Human Trafficking

As members of the IBVM, an international and multi-cultural congregation of women religious, we pledge to work for the eradication of all forms of human trafficking and its causes, particularly among women and children, wherever we live and minister.

Jean Okroi, IBVM, has had a single justice passion since 2009 - human trafficking.  Since then, she has been learning, advocating, raising awareness of this heinous crime and assisting survivors.  She initiated the Illinois Women Religious against Human Trafficking.  This collaborative committee of women religious and lay women work together to bring about change in understanding the world of human trafficking that exists in the United States today.

If You See Something, Say Something:  Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline  1 888 373 7888
If you know someone in immediate danger  CALL 911