Let Your Voice Be Heard

ADVOCACY can take many forms.  You can:

  • Keep abreast of current legislation
  • Email, call, or write your elected officials 
  • Participate in educational forums, demonstrations, prayer vigils.
  • Donate money and/or time to organizations who promote and aid various JPIC endeavors
  • Pray for positive outcomes on individual JPIC issues
Advocate for Legislation

Federal Legislators

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Washington, DC 20500
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State Legislators

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Tips for Communicating with Legislators


Project Irene

The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Illinois supports Project IRENE (Illinois Religious Engaging in Nonviolent Endeavors).  Project IRENE is sponsored by the Leadership Conference of Women Religious – Region 8 (LCWR – Illinois).  The goal of Project IRENE is to become a “powerful, collective voice seeking justice in order to make a difference for women and children in the State of Illinois”. Alerts are sent out to contact legislators or the governor as needs arise.  Then, Sisters and Companions in Illinois contact their appropriate Illinois legislators in their legislative disctrict or the Governor to urge them to act positively on a particular bill concerning a variety of issues, including: 

  • arrested/incarcerated persons
  • fiscal year budgets
  • funding for food
  • housing
  • human services
  • immigrant services
  • legal services
  • trafficking/prostitution
  • transportation
  • workplace issues