Anawim Arts offers art at the intersection of art and spirituality.  The purpose is to encourage people to discover and express their inner artist.  Our belief is that we are all co-creators in our lives, and as we engage in the creative process, we deepen and express our connection to the Divine.  In our gatherings, both virtual and in-person, artists and would-be artists of written, visual and media arts support and inspire each other to find the joy in the creative process and deepen their spirituality.  Join us!

Anawim is a Hebrew word from the Bible.  We are using it in the figurative way as the remnant, the “people of God”.  Our hope is to gather not just as the “people of God”, but as people expressing, in art form, our God-relatedness.



Upcoming Events
Art at the Intersection of Art and Spirituality Sept. 28 to Oct. 31    Reception October 28, 3-5 Franciscan Promenade 26 W 171 Roosevelt Rd. Wheaton, Il 60187
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