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Meet The Loretto Sisters 



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Arlene Ashack, IBVM

Wheaton, IL
Anawim Arts Director

Sr Jonathon

Marietta Brummel, IBVM

Elmhurst, IL

"Make me an instrument of Your Love"

Elizabeth Carey, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ

Sr. Xavier
"Abide in me in time and eternity."

Mary Carton, IBVM

Carol Stream, IL
IBVM Leadership Team

"This Love is Forever"

Marguerite Caufield, IBVM

Northlake, IL

Sr. Fidelis
"Thy will is my peace."

Johanna Centala, IBVM

Germantown, WI
Reading Specialist

"My God and my all."

Arlene Connelly, IBVM

Northlake, IL

Sr. Alma
"Lord, you know that I love you."

Lorraine Crawford, IBVM

Chicago, IL

"My grace is enough for you"

Betty Crotty, IBVM

Northlake, IL
IBVM Archivist

Sr. Claret
"Here I am, Lord, I come to do Your will."

Frances DeMott, IBVM

Chicago, IL

Sr. Frances Cabrini
"I come to do your will."

Augustine Dempsey, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ

"Thy will be done."

Dympna Doran, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ
Pastoral Associate

Sr. de Sales
"Oh Lord, I am not worthy."

Brenda Eagen, IBVM

Rome, Italy
IBVM General Council - Rome

"Here I am Lord."

Ellen Enright, IBVM

Northlake, IL

Sr. Marie John
"Abide in my love."

Anne Fitzsimons, IBVM

Prescott, AZ
Spiritual Direction

Sr. John
"Not my will, but Thine be done."

Kay Foley, IBVM

Western Springs, IL
Casa San Carlo Liaison

Sr. James Kathryn
"The one who has sent me has not left me alone."

Laverne Fullem, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God"

Mary Thomas Fullem, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ

"Thy will be done, Lord."

Lorna Hays, IBVM

Elmhurst, IL
C-CATODSW Social Worker

"In weakness, strength."

Anne Hyzy, IBVM

Naperville, IL
Spiritual Direction

"Through Him, with Him and in Him."

Judy Illig, IBVM

Carol Stream, IL
IBVM Leadership Team

Sr. Mary Brideen
"The one who believes in me lives."

Nancy Kennelly, IBVM

Orland Park, IL
Hospice Care Palos Hospital

Sr. Saint Edward
"Full joy in the unity of Love."

Cindy Langlois, IBVM

Naperville, IL
Asst. Archivist

"Cherish God's vocation in you."

Rosemary Lynch, IBVM

Chicago, IL

Sr. Donald
"Finding God in all things."

Frances McCarron, IBVM

Woodridge, IL
JPIC Council

Sr. Fancis Xavier
"Be still and know that I am God."

Evelyn McCloskey, IBVM

Chicago, IL

"Lord, I am not worthy."

Yolanda Mendoza, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ
High School Chaplain

"With God all things are possible."

Mary Howard Moriarty, IBVM

Chicago, IL

"Behold, in all that comes, it is I."

Barb Nelson, IBVM

Carol Stream, IL
Province Treasurer

Sr. Joanne
“I to my Beloved, my Beloved to me”

Jean Okroi, IBVM

Oak Lawn, IL
Human Trafficking Ministry

Sr. Mary Richard

Esther O'Mara, IBVM

Chicago, IL

Sr. Damian
"Not my will, but Yours be done."

Therese O'Sullivan, IBVM

Chicago, IL
Dir. Emeritus, St Martin DePorres House of Hope

Sr. Helene
"Let my soul glory in the Lord."

Christa Parra, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ
Immigration Ministry

"God is love."

Raphael Quinn, IBVM

Phoenix, AZ
Principal SS Simon & Jude

"Where charity and love prevail, there is God"

Mary Simpkin, IBVM

Chicago, IL

Sr. Mary Patrick
"To love God as he wishes."

Terri Stafford, IBVM

Prescott, AZ

"Those who hope in the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall soar on angels wings."

Julie Stapleton, IBVM

Naperville, IL
Resurrection Liaison

Sr. Mary Julie
"Here, I am Lord."

Connie Steffen, IBVM

Western Springs, IL
Assistant Province Treasurer

Sr. Louis
"Set your heart on the kingdom."

Helen Timothy, IBVM

Naperville, IL
IBVM Leadership Team

Claire Vandborg

Chicago, IL

"Sing a New Song Unto the Lord"

Mary Lou Wcislo, IBVM

Elmhurst, IL

Sr. Paul
"To love thee more and more."